School Life

The staff at BuffSci believes that college is for everyone.  So, while we serve a very diverse population of students, we expect and maintain high expectations for our staff and students.  We do not accept failure as an option, so we have created a Culture of Excellence in our school, whereby each member of the BuffSci family is treated with respect, courtesy and compassion.

After School Program

The After School program provides an environment where children's emotional, social, and physical needs are met and developed through a variety of enriching and recreational activities and positive role modeling. The program incorporates youth participation engaging children in the decision-making process related to program offerings, encouraging group discussions, fostering problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and promoting cooperation and team building skills.

Program Overview

  • WHEN: Monday through Thursdays
  • TIME: 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM
  • COST: Determined by the number of days students participate.
  • START DATE: October
  • END DATE: May
  • The Program is available for only students enrolled in Buffalo Academy of Science.
  • Registration deadlines will be posted for each quarter.

Program Schedule

3:20 PM – 3:55 PM:  Academic Intervention Time

  • Study Hall, Homework Help and Tutoring sessions
  • Students will be given a snack

4:00 PM – 5:15 PM: Club and Sport Programming 

(Students' Choice)

5:15 PM – 5:30 PM Dismissal and Parent Pick Up




African Dance, Nutrition & Workout Club, Dog Training, Home Economics Club, Middle School Math Team


Computer Club, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Beat Lab, Mindfulness Club (Yoga), Explorers' Club, Cupcake Craze


Japanese Club, Video Game Club, Photo Club, Sign Language Club, Mindfulness for Middle School, Drill Team


Buffalo Animal Adventure, Ping Pong Club, Art Club, BASCS Choir, College Writing and Readiness


BuffSci offers an interscholastic athletic program with educational values consistent with the academic philosophy for our students. The focus is on the development of the individual, as well as fostering an atmosphere of teamwork, citizenship, and good sportsmanship. In addition, the program emphasis is on discipline, respect, leadership, loyalty, cooperation and an atmosphere of "playing by the rules".
A variety of programs have been provided based on student interests, participation, and developmental needs. BuffSci offers qualified coaches who are positive role models with an enthusiastic attitude about working with student-athletes. The environment created provides the opportunity for athletes to bring together home, school, and community as an integral part of the curriculum successfully.
The program has set ambitious goals for both personnel and athletes. The message to all is one of encouragement. Strive to develop and improve, while maintaining a balanced perspective on sports, school, and life.

FLAG FOOTBALL (until 10/30/2014)
Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 - 5:30 PM
BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL (11/10/14-03/06/2015)
Monday - Friday 4:00 - 6:30 PM
Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 AM
GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL (11/10/2014-03/06/2015)
Monday - Friday 6:00 - 7:30 AM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
VARSITY TRACK & FIELD (03/09/2015-06/05/2015)
Monday - Friday 4:00 - 6:00 PM



BASCS believes that the well-being of our students is paramount and make every effort to ensure the safety of our Student Athletes.   Each student athlete and coach will follow a safety plan with appropriate precautions, policies and procedures to make certain our athletics activities are conducted in the safest environment possible. Please find below all of the required forms you must submit in order for your child to participate in Athletics at BASCS.

Concussion Management

What is a Concussion?
According to the Center for Disease Control, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth.  Health care professionals may describe a concussion as a “mild” brain injury because concussions are usually not life-threatening. Even so, their effects can be serious.
Any and all head injuries that occur during BASCS activities will be reported immediately.  Because the presence and severity of a concussion cannot be predicted, ALL head injuries should be evaluated by your child’s health care professional.

Annual Events

Each year, the Buffalo Academy of Science hosts several extracurricular events to further enrich the Culture of Excellence we have created within our school community.  These events not only support the rigorous curricula taught to our students in the classroom, but they serve to bring our individual families together so that we may enjoy our commonalities, while recognizing, appreciating and celebrating our diversity all at once.

We encourage our families to take part in all of our annual events:

  • Back to School BBQ - Students and their families join BuffSci staff and their families for an evening filled with fun activities and a cookout to kick off the new school year
  • A Taste of BASCS - International food tasting where students, staff and their families share food, music and cultural activities to celebrate the diversity among the BuffSci Family
  • Middle School Lock-In - Students spend an overnight in the school participating in lots of fun, getting-to-know-you activities, movies, food, music and more!
  • Family Literacy Night - Students and their families join BuffSci staff for a night filled with games, workshops, food and music... all to promote and positively reinforce literacy in our students
  • BuffSCi Talent Show - Students lay it all on the line to win the competition, performing an array of talents
  • Annual Science Fair - All students (grades 7-11) are required to complete a science project; however, the top experiments are displayed and judged by a distinguished panel for the top prize
  • Black History Month Program - Annual celebration of the contributions of people of African descent to our past, present and future global environment
  • Annual Poetry Slam - Students from schools all over Buffalo enter to compete in our slam where they perform original works of poetry for our top prize
  • Annual Spelling Bee - Traditional competition where BuffSci students compete for the title of top speller

Character Education

The Buffalo Academy of Science has identified the following Character Education traits as being paramount to supporting our mission of ensuring that our students are well-rounded, educated citizens:

  • Respect (Aug/Sept)
    • The 3 C's - Showing consideration, care and courtesy for yourself, someone or something
  • Responsibility (Oct)
    • Doing what is required, needed or expected of us
  • Self-Discipline (Nov)
    • Having the self-control, motivation and grit to reach goals despite challenges
  • Compassion (Dec)
    • Caring about the suffering of others and working to help
  • Gratitude (Jan)
    • Thankfulness and appreciation
  • Integrity (Feb)
    • Total honesty and sincerity
  • Perseverance (Mar)
    • Sticking with goals until they are achieved
  • Diligence (Apr)
    • Consistently working hard
  • Optimism (May)
    • Thinking positively
  • Self-Reflection (Jun)
    • The 3 R's - Revisit, review and revise

What Is Character Education?

Character education seeks to develop virtue—human excellence—as the foundation of a purposeful, productive, and fulfilling life and a just, compassionate, and flourishing society. Character education takes deliberate steps to cultivate moral and intellectual virtues through every phase of school life—the example of adults, the relationships among peers, the handling of discipline, the resolution of conflict, the content of the curriculum, the process of instruction, the rigor of academic standards, the environment of the school, the conduct of extracurricular activities, and the involvement of parents. Everything that happens in the life of the school is character education, because everything affects character.

Character education is based on the following premises:

  1. Virtues are objectively good human qualities—good for us whether we know it or not. They have a claim on our personal and collective conscience. They are affirmed by cultures and religions around the world; they express our common humanity. They transcend time and culture. Diligence, wisdom, the pursuit of truth, justice, respect, responsibility, honesty, unselfishness, compassion, courage, patience, and perseverance always have been and always will be virtues, regardless of how many people practice them.
  2. We can claim that virtues are objectively good, and that we are obliged to uphold and practice them, because they meet the following ethical criteria:
  •  They affirm our human dignity.
  •  They promote the well-being and happiness of the individual person.
  •  They serve the common good, making it possible for us to live in community.
  •  They define our rights and obligations as citizens.
  •  They meet the classical tests of reversibility (Would you want to be treated this way?) and universalizability (Would you want all persons to act this way?).
  1. To develop character, the school must strive to be a community of virtue in which moral and intellectual virtues are modeled, expected, studied, reflected upon, upheld, celebrated, and continually practiced in daily life.


Leadership Speakers Series

As part of our mission to prepare students to become responsible, educated citizens of the world, we endeavor to provide the opportunity for students to engage with leaders in our community who share their own knowledge and experiences such that they may educate, enlighten, empower and inspire the students to succeed.  The Leadership Speaker Series at BuffSci is the vehicle by which our students are able to connect with stakeholders from various professions and backgrounds.

Each of our distinguished speakers brings a unique message to students - with a method of delivery specific to the individual. Students are exposed to a variety of personalities, presentation styles and backgrounds. These community leaders offer insight to their personal histories, and enable our students to see that leadership can take on many different forms. And although no two presenters are the same, all of our speakers reinforce the culture of excellence and impress upon our students the importance of being responsible, competent, educated citizens of our diverse global environment.

Through this series, our students have been empowered and inspired by many notable guests with diverse backgrounds and professions.  A few of our distinguished speakers have included: US Attorney William Hochul; Dr. Donna Fernandes, Buffalo Zoo President & CEO; Dr. Julius Gregg Adams, Executive Director of the Educational Opportunity Center; and Mr. Robert Bennett, Chancellor Emeritus for the NYS Board of Regents.

We thank all of our guest speakers for their individual contributions to make the Leadership Speaker Series at the BuffSci a great success!!!

Commissioner Garnell Whitfield: Prepare, Respond, Recover & Reflect

January 22, 2015 - Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell W. Whitfield, Jr. was the distinguished guest for this LSS session.  Commissioner Whitfield, a 31-year veteran of the Buffalo Fire Department (BFD), shared a bit of his upbringing in Buffalo with the students.  While the Commissioner said he had always been a good student when he was younger and didn't get into trouble, a situation in his youth greatly impacted his life path.  After sharing the details of an incident in which he was falsely accused of a wrongdoing, Commissioner Whitfield cautioned students to always "be mindful of your circumstances and pay attention to what is going on around you."  He continued by saying, "...what you are involved in now is going to determine what you can or cannot do later [in life]."

After giving students a brief trip through his professional life and how he has risen through the ranks of the BFD, the Commissioner reminded students of the importance of listening to the instructions and advice of the adults in their lives. He told students that the adults - parent and teachers alike - have the job of seeing the potential in students, even when students can't see it themselves. He encouraged students to continue to work hard now and strive toward their goals because "you never know how things are connected...  Your job [right now] is to prepare for whatever opportunities may come your way."

As the overall message to students, Commissioner Whitfield explained that part of his job in coordinating Emergency Medical Services for the city of Buffalo requires a four-step process: 1. Preparedness, 2. Response, 3. Recover and 4. Reflection.  Commissioner Whitfield stressed that this process is crucial not only to his job, but for everyday life for everyone.

"First, you must prepare yourself for opportunity. Study, learn, practice... Do what work you need to do so you are ready for the opportunities when they come... And they will, when you are prepared. Second, you must respond appropriately to situations, using all of your skill sets that you have prepared.  Next, you have to recover - physically, emotionally and mentally - from whatever events took place, whether the results were positive or negative.  Finally, you have to reflect - look back on what happened to learn from the mistakes to improve for next time.  Take these four steps, have the commitment, focus and discipline to follow your dreams and you never know what opportunities are gonna come your way."

Professor Stephen McKinley Henderson: Measure of Worth

December 15, 2014 - Tony-nominated actor and UB Professor Stephen McKinley Henderson was the distinguished guest for the latest session of LSS. Professor Henderson spoke with students about the importance of having a purpose in one's pursuits and endeavors.

With his affable demeanor and contagious wit, Mr. Henderson shared the story of his upbringing with the students.  Often making the students laugh, Mr. Henderson revealed that he had a difficult upbringing but he didn't let his circumstances defeat him. Henderson told students that his first love was math - in fact, he even attended Lincoln University to study it - but other opportunities arose for him to pursue his love of acting.

Mr. Henderson's love for acting and storytelling was evident in his presentation to students; however, he cautioned students about the trappings of "celebrity" and chasing after money. He told students that it was always important to do what you love to do and to do for others - whether it is the "main gig" or the "side gig" - so that the heart and soul can be fulfilled. "It's fulfilling to be acknowledged and celebrated and paid well for what you do... However, money is not the measure of the worth of what you are doing."

Read more about Professor Henderson in the New York Times and the Huffington Post.

Attorney Terrence McKelvey: Land of Opportunity

October 23, 2014 - Twenty-five juniors and seniors held session with local attorney, Terrence D. McKelvey as the first guest for the Leadership Speaker Series 2014-2015. A native of Queens, NY, Mr. McKelvey spoke with the students about his journey from being born and raised in NYC to his last 36 years as a lawyer here in the Queen City. When asked why he stayed in Buffalo after finishing at UB School of Law, Mr. McKelvey replied that he and his wife saw a lot of opportunity here. "Buffalo is New York State's best kept secret."

Mr. McKelvey impressed upon students the importance of choosing a career path that suits their interest but also seizing the opportunities available to them. He told students, "You need to begin now qualifying yourself to be whatever you want to be... It's entirely up to you."

Dr. Julius Gregg Adams: Making Smart Choices

March 12, 2014 - Dr. Julius Gregg Adams, Executive Director of the UB Educational Opportunity Center spoke with students about being prepared and making smart choices for their futures.  Dr. Adams encouraged the students to stay focused on their education and to continue to work hard in school.  He told students that they will all make mistakes and change their minds about their individual life paths, it is always important to find out as much as they can about what interests them, make wise decisions and be mindful enough to take advantage the positive opportunities that may come their way.

Reporter Dan Miner: You Win When You Think Ahead

February 27, 2014 - Dan Miner, reporter for the Buffalo Business First, visited with high school students as part of the Leadership Speaker Series. Mr. Miner spoke to students about his background and his journey to his present career as a journalist for Business First.

Unlike some of our speakers, Mr. Miner spoke an important cautionary tale to students.  Mr. Miner shared with students the challenges he faced as a young high school and college graduate out on his own.  While he did not grow up in poverty, Mr. Miner impressed upon students the difficulties of supporting himself because he "didn't really have a plan" for what career path he wanted to choose.  He told students that it's important to do proper research about careers they plan to pursue to make sure there is longevity and job availability in those fields.  He told students that "it doesn't matter as much where you go to college... just do well when you get there" so that doors will be opened for future career opportunities.

Mr. Miner left a message with students about the importance of making good decisions now and taking advantage of the assistance and opportunities available to them at present in order to be successful in the future. His final words to students: "You win when you think ahead."

US Attorney William Hochul: Making the Case

December 13, 2013 - United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, William J. Hochul, Jr., visited BuffSci as a guest of the Leadership Speaker Series.  Mr. Hochul met with a group of 30 students to discuss apples.  Yes, apples.

Apples were the colorful symbol that Mr. Hochul used to illustrate how issues (such as ownership and rights to property) come before a court for prosecution. He spoke with students about his job as a U.S. Attorney and how it differs from a regular lawyer.  Appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate, Mr. Hochul explained that as the U.S. Attorney, he has license to prosecute federal cases anywhere in the United Country... and abroad.  Mr. Hochul kept the students amused as he often referenced the apple as the property in question for a hypothetical case, taught them a lot about the history of our modern court system and laws.

Students enjoyed their time with Mr. Hochul.  He told them that they "represent some of the best and brightest in Buffalo" and encouraged them to continue to stay on track with their education.  Mr. Hochul, a native of Buffalo's East Side neighborhoods, told students, "Just because you may not have grown up in a rich house, it doesn't mean you can't make it." He encouraged students with these final words: "...You need dedication and if you can't do something, work on your skills on your own. If you want to make it... the biggest thing is you have to have heart."

Reflections from students after the session:

"I enjoyed [Mr. Hochul] because he was informational and interesting." ~Najaree, 9th Grade

"I enjoyed [Mr. Hochul] because he was energizing and informative!" ~Anonymous, 12th Grade

"I enjoyed it. It seems like [Mr. Hochul] really liked talking to us." ~Seana, 12th Grade

"I enjoyed [Mr. Hochul] because the way he presented [his talk to students] was like being in a courtroom with him." ~Janae, 12th Grade

Judge Jawwaad Rasheed: Five Steps

November 2013 - Judge Jawwaad Rasheed, Oneida County Family Court Justice, spoke with Freshmen and Sophomores as part of our Leadership Speaker Series. Judge Rasheed works with youth everyday as a Support Magistrate for the Family Court in Rome, NY (near Syracuse).

A native of Buffalo's east side, Judge Rasheed told students, "You have to do the work." Then, Judge Rasheed outlined what he called the "Five Steps to Making You Better Women and Men".

He detailed his take on what one needs to become successful:

Vision: helps to shape your focus and gives you direction

Dedication: doing anything necessary to achieve your goals

Perseverance: never giving up, never quit, even if you fail

Passion: having a love for something; finding what gives you your greatest joy

Faith: trust in something greater than yourself

The judge urged students to "put those five things together and put them to work in your daily life" in order to reach one's goals.

The students were a captive audience as Judge Rasheed left this parting message: "Each of you [has] a contribution that you are supposed to make. You will never know how great you're supposed to be until you give it all you've got."

Chancellor Emeritus Robert Bennett: Value & Responsibility

October 23, 2013 - NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Emeritus Robert Bennett spoke with BASCS students about the importance of doing well in school to be ready for higher education and careers. Chancellor Emeritus Bennett shared his wisdom and passion for working to improve the lives of people, particularly our youth.

Mr. Bennett shared a little of his personal history with the students.  He said that even though he grew up comfortably, his parents always taught the value of hard work and helping others.  Mr. Bennett told of some challenges he faced early in his career. After being let go from a job that he enjoyed and did well, he decided not to sit and be depressed about it... Instead, he went out and found another job.  As fate would have it, in the new job, he was in a position to approve or deny a request from his previous employer.  He had to make the hard choice and do the right thing, which was to give the man's request fair consideration.

When BASCS senior, Terrell Smith, asked Mr. Bennett where his inspiration to help young people came from, Mr. Bennett responded, "I'm worried about the children who don't have a chance... I want all students to have the opportunities I had."

Special Agent In-Charge (Ret.) Bernie Tolbert: Expect Anything

May 22, 2013 - BASCS middle and high school students were visited by Mr. Bernie Tolbert. Students were impressed by Mr. Tolbert’s candid sharing of his difficult early childhood in Buffalo. A graduate of Lafayette High School and UB, Mr. Tolbert shared proudly his strong Buffalo roots.

Students were able to really connect to details of Mr. Tolbert’s upbringing and profound respect for his mother, who was a single-parent. Mr. Tolbert took students on the journey from his college years, to early work experiences to his recent announcement of his candidacy for the seat of City of Buffalo Mayor.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Tolbert served as the former Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo FBI Office as well as a former VP in charge of Security for the National Basketball Association (NBA). BASCS students were a captive audience for details of Mr. Tolbert’s experiences.

Throughout his talk, Mr. Tolbert emphasized to students to “expect anything and be ready” because opportunities often arise when you aren't necessarily looking for them.

Journalist Rod Watson: Hard Work Pays Off

April 16, 2013 - Rod Watson, Urban Affairs Editor for the Buffalo News, visited with 30 high school students as part of the Leadership Speaker Series. Watson shared with students his experiences as a journalist and encouraged students to consider journalism as a profession.

Watson stressed to students how important it is for communities to be represented accurately in the media and the responsibility that journalists have to report facts. Watson also reminded students that no matter what they want to choose as a career in the future, the classes they take now are all important.

Watson shared this message with the students: "Every class you take is a test of your character. It is like your passport. How well you do in your classes now is important because it determines what type of person you are - your integrity and your strength of character."

He concluded his talk with these words: “You can be any of those people that you see on TV. None of them are any more special than any of you. They worked hard and applied themselves… But do not sell yourself short. If you work hard and show integrity, you can accomplish the same things for yourself.”

Legislator Timothy Hogues & Entrepreneur Gregory Boles: Be the Change

March 22, 2013 – Erie County Legislator Tim Hogues and business his associate, Gregory Boles, visited 40 students at BASCS. Leg. Hogues and Mr. Boles spoke to an audience of 7th graders about responsibility, accountability, determination and decision-making.

The resounding message presented in tandem by both speakers was that no matter what your life circumstances, you can choose the path you wish to walk in life to accomplish your goals. The speakers engaged the students thoroughly with witty stories and questions.

Although Leg. Hogues and Mr. Boles discussed serious topics with the students, they kept the atmosphere light with lots of moments of laughter to drive home their points. To kick off the talk, Leg. Hogues introduced his assistant, Ms. Marilyn Cornelius, who delivered a stirring original poem to the students.

The Legislator repeatedly stressed to students that education is important and positive decision-making is the key to a successful life. Mr. Boles rounded out the talk by reminding the students that no matter where you come from, you can rise above your circumstances to “be the change you desire to see in the world and this city…”

Dr. Danis Gehl: Know Your Mission

December 13, 2012 - Danis Gehl, Ph.D., Associate Executive Director of UB’s Educational Opportunity Center, was this year’s third invited guest for the Leadership Speaker Series. Dr. Gehl used anecdotes of her own journey to discuss paths of leadership to 30 high school students.

Dr. Gehl put emphasis on the point that there is not only one way – or one correct way – to develop leadership skills and earn leadership roles. She stated, “You don’t always lead from the front… what got me to the university was relationships…”

Dr. Gehl discussed her passion for service to others and detailed how her volunteerism during the early years of her career opened doors that lead to her current position. In her recount of her journey, Dr. Gehl explained that there were various points in her career where her years of volunteer experience, her demonstrated work ethic and her enthusiasm for learning enabled her to assume positions for which she would have otherwise have been considered “under-qualified”.

Dr. Gehl encouraged students to really think about their passions and strengths… as well as their weaknesses. “A leader has to know his or her self… Your personal mission... You have to know yourself and what direction you want for your life.”

Executive Director David Rust: Make an Impact

November 20, 2012 - David Rust of Say Yes to Education Buffalo visited BASCS students as the second invited guest for this year’s Leadership Speaker Series.

The primary focus of Mr. Rust’s time with the students was to inform them about the Say Yes Tuition Scholarship available to eligible students in the Buffalo Public School system as well as all city charter schools. Mr. Rust outlined the criteria for the program and answered questions from the 35 students who were in attendance at this session.

Mr. Rust also shared with the students a bit of his history from being a Buffalo native and going away to college through the journey to intern in Great Britain to his return to Buffalo and his current position at Say Yes Buffalo. Mr. Rust told students that he believed in service and volunteer work as important parts of a well-rounded education. He encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities that would enhance their lives. Mr. Rust’s parting message to students: “You can choose to make an impact with what you do in your life.”

Find out more about Say Yes at

Engineer Oluwole McFoy: Always Be Prepared

October 25, 2012 - Oluwole “OJ” McFoy, COO of the Buffalo Sewer Authority, was the invited guest for the first Leadership Speaker Series of 2012-2013.

Mr. McFoy shared with the students a bit of his history through the journey to his current position at City Hall. Through interesting analogies, Mr. McFoy’s engaging talk impressed the students with the message of being prepared.

When asked how he got his current position, Mr. McFoy responded, “I say it’s by chance. But I had set the foundation and done the work. So when the opportunity came, I was prepared.”

Dr. Donna Fernandes: Do What You Love

May 24, 2012 - Donna Fernandes, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo, was the guest speaker for the BASCS' Leadership Speaker Series.

Dr. Fernandes spoke of her multi-million dollar master plan which she implemented in September 2000 when she took over the management of the zoo. She stressed the hard work and commitment it has taken to raise funds to complete eight major renovation projects to the zoo's exhibit and habitat spaces. When the work is completed, the zoo will be one of the finest, up-to-date zoos in the country thanks to the dedication of Dr. Fernandes.

When asked if she liked working at the zoo, she replied, "I love it! You should always do what you love".

CEO Mark Mortenson: From Disney to Science

May 22, 2012 – This session of the BASCS Leadership Speaker series featured Mr. Mark Mortenson, President/CEO of the Buffalo Museum of Science. Mr. Mortenson shared the story of his career from being a Disney executive in California to his current position at the Museum.

He mentioned that his first job was a tap dance instructor, and - much to the delight of the students - gave a short demonstration of his talent. He encouraged students to follow their dreams by acquiring as much education as possible to be a success in whatever field they choose.

After many years of living in a very hectic Los Angeles area, Mr. Mortenson is enjoying living in Buffalo with all it has to offer.

Judge James McLeod: Live Without Excuse

Judge McLeod, one of our guest speakers, told a group of our students “When I was your age, I was told ‘you people don’t go to college!’ There are many obstacles you are going to come up against in your life during the pursuit of your dreams.

There are many things people will try to take from you, but they can never take your education away from you. That is why the pursuit of higher education is important”. Judge McLeod said he has become committed to making Buffalo a better place by making a commitment to making fair, and in many cases, unpopular decisions, so he can turn lives around.

“The choices you are making now may not be popular with your friends if they are not focusing on their education...," Judge McLeod told students. "...So remember, don’t live with making excuses, just keep making good choices”.

Sheriff Timothy Howard: Your Personal Best

Sheriff Howard began with a poem titled” Pretty Good” by Charles Osgood. The poem challenged student to ask themselves, “What is your personal best?”

“Choose your friends wisely” was a common phrase that our wonderful guest encouraged the students to become familiar with.  He said, “You are often judged by the company that you keep”.  He went on to say that the holding center is full of people, 1500 to be exact. They may be in there because their choices have turned into bad decisions.

After forty years of service in law enforcement, Sheriff Howard shared that he still has a love and a passion for the career he is in. Working your way up through the ranks is a great message that the sheriff encouraged every student to remember - to always give your personal best.

Pastor Darius Pridgen: Flexibility is the Key!

“Successful Leaders Build Strong Relationships” was the theme for our speaker, Pastor Darius Pridgen. A very spirited and encouraging talk was given to our students during our speaker series. "Take time to get to know someone you’re not familiar with in school," he challenged students, encouraging them to be themselves. "Introduce yourself to a student who may not have as many friends [as you]."

Pastor Pridgen told the students that we are all connected to each other.  He stressed that all people have to work together to accomplish good things in life. “You’re never going to work alone, even if you are the owner of a business," said Pastor Pridgen. "You’re always going to be connected.”

Many of our students shared their goals for life. Pastor Pridgen pointed out that being connected to others is when you build strong relationships and continue on. "Strong relationships are the keys to success."

CEO Robert Carr: Creative Thinking

"Creative thinking" was the message that the students heard from Mr. Robert Carr, President of Carr Marketing Communications. “Decisions that [you] make today will impact the rest of your life," Mr. Carr stated. "Advertising can be used in many different ways, even in our daily lives."

It’s just like a person telling a story so that the customer hears it so often that they remember what is being told to them and they want to purchase what is being sold. He talked about three very important components of Advertising that could easily be used as a tool in your dreams for the future. The components are inputresearchand frequency. All action words that are regularly considered when agencies are putting together different forms of advertising.

There were many interesting questions from our students such as how stores decide what products they choose to sell. Mr. Carr was able to give a very detailed description of how that process works which will – most assuredly - allow our students to become more astute consumers in the future.

“You are your own advertising agency," said Mr. Carr. "You have an opportunity for the rest of your future to tell your own story take advantage of what you want people to think about you! The sky is the limit."

Lieutenant Kevin Harris: Thinking About a Red Hot Career?

The choice to become a career firefighter is an honorable one. Firefighting has been one of the most sought after professions in the United States. Not only because it’s challenging, rewarding and interesting, it’s also one of the most respected jobs in the US.

This is some of the insight that the students walked away with after hearing Lieutenant Kevin Harris of the Buffalo Fire Department speak. He mentioned that it took him 5 tries to become a Lieutenant but it was that determination that’s needed in any area that you pursue in your life. One of the most personally rewarding careers an individual can have were words that the students were fortunate enough to hear.

"This is a profession of helping that takes courage, willingness to be patient, non-judgmental and accepting of other people. You must have a desire to serve and help people regardless of who they are, where they are and what their beliefs are...  When you become a firefighter, you become part of a family. Firefighting demands a high level of dedication and professionalism for those who choose it as a career."

FBI Officer Paul Moskal: Leadership Team Hosts FBI

October 21, 2011 - FBI Counterintelligence Officer, Paul Moskal, came to talk to BASCS Leadership Students. He shared his thirty plus years of experiences with the students and answered their questions about future career opportunities and requirements for the FBI.

Chief Brian Patterson: Leadership Team Hosts Buffalo Police Chief

October 27, 2011 - Buffalo Police Chief Brian Patterson shared his leadership experiences with the BASCS Leadership Team. He also shared his memories and how he strives for excellence in his life. BASCS students asked Chief Patterson questions regarding leadership and how to reach their goals in life.

US Attorney William Hochul Visits BASCS

BASCS hosted Mr. William Hochul, US Attorney for the Western District of New York to speak to our freshmen and sophomore students. It was a great leadership experience for BASCS students to speak with someone who met with the first lady Michelle Obama two days prior to his visit. BASCS students learned a lot about the justice system and enjoyed Mr. Hochul’s inspiring story about how he decided to become an attorney.

National Honor Society (NHS)

The National Honor Society (NHS) at BASCS is full of hard-working, motivated, community-minded students dedicated to high academic achievement, civic responsibility and fostering leadership. Our NHS students stay active all year, engaging in community service activities, school fundraisers and numerous extracurricular activities.

One Day in the Life at BuffSci

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