Research Study Group UB field Trip

Hello! Our students visited the Electrical Engineering department. Dr. Wiktor Walasik (EE Research Assistant Professor) gave a presentation. He introduced EE department, mentioned what kind of research has been done in the department and explained his specific field. Also, he talked about the academic success and during his presentation answered many research-oriented and career goal questions from our students.
Secondly, we visited Physics Department, Ph.D. student Muhammed Kilinc and his advisor Dr. Tim Thomay met with us in their laboratory. Experiments were demonstrated after introduced laser, optical table and components.
Finally, we visited Computer Science Department, there Prof. Tevfik Kosar met with us. He is also the board member of Buffalo Academy of Science. His talk was very inspiring because in his presentation he talked about the keys to making the spike in order to get acceptance from good colleges. Then, he talked about his research and we had a chance to visit his lab. Our students get an opportunity talk and ask questions Prof. Kosar’s Ph.D. students. GO BuffSciiii!!!