PSAT Scores Are Now Available

PSAT Scores Are Now Available

Dear Parents,
The exam scores for the October 10th PSAT can be accessed from this link: Guidance counselors Mr. Kekec and Ms. Squires will be assisting students to interpret their scores and create individual action plans to perform much better for the upcoming SAT on April 23rd.

College Board has a few great videos to help parents and students navigate some of the PSAT results regarding how to retrieve scores, understanding PSAT scores. and how to link student’s PSAT performance to Khan Academy (free online PSAT/SAT practice)

Below are some summary information for the PSAT:
*The scores will fall within the range of 160 to 760 points for each section. The actual SAT sections will range from 200 to 800
*A score of about 460 for ERW and 510 for the Math is about average for a student in 11th grade and considered “college ready.”
*The percentile information shows how you performed compared to others. For example, if you scored in the 75th percentile, then you scored better than 75 percent of students who took the test at the same time you did.
*Maximum score for the PSAT is 1520 while the minimum score is 320.

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